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acelab is modernizing the product sourcing and specification process for design professionals through an intuitive data-driven platform. Compare, specify and learn about thousands of products with just a few clicks. Acelab's mission is to help free up the time currently spent on manual documentation, so design professionals can get back to doing what they love.
Adaptilens is the only IOL that imitates the human eye’s natural lens. We are a team of ophthalmologists, cataract specialists, scientists, and engineers with a singular focus on improving the vision and quality of life of cataract patients. We are developing an accommodating IOL with novel polymers to give patients the ability to focus not just on a single distance but on objects near, far, and in between--without the help of glasses or contact lenses.
Alchemon (Algorand + alchemy + monster) provides utility to NFTs and is the top play-to-earn game on Algorand!
Algofi is a blockchain-based decentralized crypto lending platform based on Algorand. The company's platform enables users to purchase cryptocurrency and earn interest without the use of a bank or centralized custodian.
Algorand is positioned to address the blockchain’s scaling challenges through rapid and efficient user consensus, enabling even the smallest transactions, regardless of transaction volume or number of users.
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Allma is Slack native, UI-less incident collaboration for the entire company to collaborate on your chaotic, stressful developer workflows. No need to extract yourself from your current workflows to spend time in a new, standalone web app, Allma embeds in your existing work environment and systems, adopting your tooling and process. Work tool fatigue is real, our mantra is not another tool. Allma gives you world-class best practices from 300+ Engineering Leaders. Guiding you and your team through an incident, every step of the way. We also recognize teams have uniqueness in your processes— we offer max configurability and autonomy. Allma flexibly adapts to your organization and grows with you as you scale.
AnyQuestion is a premium social video app that empowers members to ask questions and get answers from world-class Experts, at any time. Whether in sport, hobby, or health, our mission is simple: Connect knowledge seekers with the best information and insight on the planet. Passionate fans. Their top questions. In-depth video answers from the pros. You create the conversation, the game-changing advice unfolds live.... join today and get a free month! + Unfiltered access to experts at the top of the game + Interact with direct responses + Learn from the best questions in the community + Share your questions and help the experts keep doing what they're doing
Aorist is a next-generation cultural institution, offering a climate-forward NFT marketplace for artists creating at the edge of art and technology.
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Asimov builds tools to program living cells. By integrating mammalian synthetic biology, computer-aided design, and machine learning, our multi-disciplinary team is advancing the design and manufacture of biologics and gene therapies.
A stealth-mode skill-based game platform.
C3 is bringing decentralized derivatives and spot markets with cross-chain settlements and a risk engine that enables cross-margining across all markets and products. What's most interesting about it is its hybrid design: It combines on-chain settlement with an off-chain matching engine allowing it to remain decentralized and non-custodial while having low latency and infinite scalability.